I recently ran across a really great post on another hunting website, Deer Fever. It brought up the point that so many hunters out there are just beginning to get into this great sport and a lot of us deer hunting enthusiasts tend to speak in another language. I never thought about it before, but there really is a need for some basic information for beginners out there. The article, entitled “The Basics of Hunting”,  covers everything from what a scrape is, to what “non-typical means”.  Here is a brief preview of the article, follow the link to read the rest. This is truly a great resource for beginner hunters out there and even might be good for us “veterans” to brush up on a few things.

Title: The Basics Of Hunting
Author: James L. Bruner

It became apparent that my language regarding certain aspects of
hunting was probably above comprehension not because of their IQ level but
because of their lack of experience in both hunting and talking to other
hunters. Quite honestly it brought me back to my childhood recalling some
of the deer stories as we sat around the table at camp and the adults
would weave a tale of deer hunting like a painter splashing colors on a
canvas. I didn’t know half of what they were talking about so I nodded my
head in agreement. So that’s where this article comes in. Strictly right
down to the basic bare bones of some common deer terms and techniques for
those who care to know…

For the rest of the story, click here. The Basics of Hunting.