In our previous installment we covered the tending grunt and snort-wheeze, which are two great calls for the rut. But what kind of calls can you use earlier in the year? Probably one of the more effective and most versatile calls out there is the buck contact grunt. This is a very simple, quick monotone grunt, which essentially is just a “Hey I’m over here” type call. The contact grunt can be used all season and in almost any situation.

Here is a demonstration by Wade Bourne on how to use contact grunts.

One really key thing I want to emphasize from this video is that you need to know the proper times to call. Like Wade said, if a deer is walking towards you I won’t call or if a deer is staring in your direction absolutely don’t touch that grunt tube. If I make one call and the deer starts moving in my direction I won’t touch my call again unless the deer begins to head away again, then and only then will I try to lure him back in. Once you have a deer coming in, don’t mess it up.

All this being said, the contact grunt is a great every day call that can help you bag a buck  this season. None of these calling methods will bring in a deer every time, but if it can bring in a buck just one time, thats all I need.

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