How many of you have gotten turned around when trying to walk to your stand real early in the morning? Well it has certainly happened to me and thats why the Gorilla Eye Treestand Light really caught my eye recently. You essentially fasten the Gorilla to your treestand and then you can remotely control this light as you walk towards your stand. Once you are within a hundred yards of your stand you can use a remote to turn your beacon on to a flashing mode to help guide you to your set up.  When you finally arrive to your location you can then turn a solid red beam on to light up the area beneath your stand and your ladder. I can also see this type of tool being really useful when marking a downed deer, that way when you come back with your friends you can turn the strobe on and walk right back to your buck.  It seems like a very useful and intuitive product, something I very well might have to go pick up. Best thing about it is that it is only $30. That seems reasonable to me.

You can pick one up from Cabelas here.