You heard about the mock scrape while watching a hunting show last night, but not sure how to make one? Well it’s quite simple, so don’t stress out. Mock scrapes are great for motivating deer to spend more time in your area and for pulling in deer close to your stand for a shot. We all know that bucks frequently check out scrapes during the rut for activity, so it only makes sense to custom place your own scrapes for them to check out as well. Before making your own scrape, you first need to understand how a deer makes one, so watch a little bit of this video to see a nice buck working a scrape. Watch closely and think about how to replicate this.

So first off you need to pick the right spot. Typically place your mock scrape near an already well used travel corridor, funnels are particularly great for this. Also find a location for your scrape underneath a low hanging branch, this will be used for your licking branch. This is a particularly important visual cue that deer pick up on.

Once you have your spot picked out, scrape out about a 3×3 ft area as if you were a deer pawing the leaves and dirt out with your feet. Snap a few twigs on your licking branch above, but remember to wear gloves, as you don’t want to leave any human scent. This also goes for your boots, make sure you are wearing rubber boots that have been sprayed down with some kind of scent eliminator.

Now that you have a physical scrape made, you need to add some scent. This can be done in many different ways. You can by commercial scents ranging from full scrape kits, to scent drippers, to just a general deer attractant. A cheaper alternative and what I  and many other people have done, is just urinating in the scrape. Your human urine very quickly deteriorates into nothing more than amonia, which is what the deer will smell and then associate this with other deer visiting the scrape. Here are some further thoughts on using human urine in your deer hunting area.

Do Mock Scrapes Work? – “Four sets of mock scrapes; one set had hot doe urine, one with buck urine, one set with nothing in them, and one with human urine…Lets see the results…”

Deer and Deer Hunting Forum-Human Urine

Once your scrape is finished, let it sit for a few days and hopefully other bucks will begin to use it. Mock scrapes won’t always work, but they can be a final piece of the puzzle when trying to bring in more bucks near to your stand. Try one out and let us know how it works for you!

Here is a helpful video which illustrates many of the ideas I spoke of.