A whitetail’s nose is 4,000 times more effective at distinguishing scents then a human, according to Missouri Conservationist Online.”


Wow. Stop and think about that. 4,000 times more effective?! I personally think that would be a rough life. With that strong of a nose I think Macy’s would just be unbearable and lets not even talk about those nights at deer camp after beans for dinner. Lucky for us (actually very unlucky), it’s not us, but the deer with the super human noses.  Constantly trying to evade the whitetail deer’s incredible sense of smell is consistently one of the largest challenges facing deer hunters. But there are ways to beat it.

So what do you do to combat the incredible nose of a whitetail? The answer to that is a long one, but here is a quick list from Deer & Deer Hunting which covers a lot of tactics I hold to be very important. Although many of these are commonly practiced, it is still good to refresh your memory once in awhile. If your new to the sport, do additional research on each one of these topics and stay tuned for more scent control tips in the future from Wired To Hunt.

1. Wash your hunting clothing and equipment with non-scented detergent.

2. Use scent-reduction garments.

3. Store all apparel and as much of your equipment as possible in scentproof totes and/or bags.

4. Shower with non-scented soap.

5. Spray all apparel and equipment with scent-elimination sprays.

6. Under-dress for the temperature until you get to your stand.

7. Avoid spicy foods that can show up in sweat (garlic, alcohol, etc.) and avoid gas-producing foods (beans, cabbage, etc.).

8. Fuel up the truck the day before instead of stopping on the way to your hunting land.

9. Use cover scents common to the local area.

10. Pay attention to the wind at all times.

10 Ways To Beat A Buck’s Nose

Plan to check back in soon, as we will review many of these ideas in more detail soon. Good luck hunting and stay stink free.