Wow. I just ran across a new hunting show called Heartland Bowhunter and it is gorgeous. The above video is the trailer for the second season. It looks like it’s filmed completely in HD and it makes a huge difference. The actual content of the show seems great too, I’ve watched the first couple episodes and I’ve really enjoyed them. Hopefully this type of filming will become the norm across the hunting industry because this show just looks great.

Check out the Heartland Bowhunter website and watch  their new season  on The Sportsman Channel. You can also watch full episodes at Bowvidz from season 2.

Here’s another quick clip of Heartland Bowhunter to give you a taste of what the show looks like.

As you noticed in this video, the buck was shot far back in the gut. So what should you do when you gut shot a deer? Check out our next post to find out. What To Do If You Gut Shot A Deer.