So let’s say you tried grunting a few times at a buck moving across in front of you at 100 yards. He looks your way, but keeps moving off to your side and out of eye sight. So what should you do if a buck does not immediately respond to your calls?

  1. Don’t over do it. Sometimes a buck is just preoccupied with something else and is just not going to come in, no matter how expensive your grunt call was. In this case, don’t keep huffing and puffing on that rubber tube. You don’t want to educate a deer with your excessive calling. Wait half an hour and try calling again. But don’t give up hope on that deer yet…
  2. Stay alert and on the look out. Many deer will circle down wind to investigate what it was they were hearing, so keep your eyes open for that buck to show up again behind you. This could take a few minutes or an hour, but be aware that this is a possibility and plan for it.

So next time your call seems to fail you, take a moment to recollect yourself before honking away at the deer and then tossing your call out of the blind in frustration. Don’t over do the calling, but remember to stay ready and aware of deer circling in down wind.