After a lot of  research, long sleepless nights and one doomed bonus paycheck, I have made my decision. I am buying the PSE Bow Madness bow. A reported 326 feet per second IBO speed right off the bat got my attention. You know us bow hunters, we like speed. But this bow is not only fast, it’s also forgiving with a 32″ ATA height and it has a smooth draw cycle. These along with a number of other great features make this bow a premium archery piece, but it’s priced a little lower than the other bows in this category. Being a thrifty fella, I decided this was just too much bang for my buck to pass up. Check out this video of the Drury Brothers introducing the Bow Madness bow (biased advertising, but entertaining none the less.) Needless to say, I’m jacked to pick this bad boy up.

Here are the specs and features reported on PSE’s website.

Brace Height: 7″

IBO Speed: 326-318

Let Off : 80% or 65% Adjustable

Mass Weight: 3.5 lbs

  • Highly preloaded 10 ½” split limbs
  • Madness high efficiency single cam system
  • Extremely smooth draw cycle
  • Ultralight mass weight cam for increased performance
  • 6″ of draw length adjustment without a bowpress
  • 80% letoff adjustable to 65%
  • Asymmetric Idler Wheel for improved performance
  • Vibracheck Backstop-Instantly terminates string vibration
  • Biomechanically Ergonomic Slim Throat (B.E.S.T.) Grip
  • Past parallel limb geometry
  • New pivoting split limb pockets
  • Stainless steel stabilizer bushing
  • Tuning alignment marks
  • Multiple sight mounting holes
  • Ultra lightweight riser for a total bow weight of 3.5 lbs.

Here is but one review of many rave reviews found on Cabelas and Gander Mountains websites.

I’ve shot or owned about all of the top bows over the past 2 years. I’ve owned 12 new bows in the past year and a half including the top models from Elite, Bowtech, Mathew’s, and Pse, and I’ve shot several Hoyt’s. As far as I’m concerned the Bow Madness is the best bow on the market for any price! You see posts on here that say it’s great for the price but that’s not exactly true it’s the best bow on the market period and exceptional for the price. Shoot it and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. It has the best of both worlds, great speed, absolutely fantastic smooth as silk draw, great back wall, it’s shock free and quite, it holds great and it’s very light weight. There’s absolutely nothing about this bow not to like, especially the price. I’ve sold or traded my other bows and now have the bow Madness and Bow Madness XL and I’m very happy. Give the Bow Madness a try and you’ll be impressed, and also be prepared to buy it because you will.

Here’s another great review from Petersen’s Bowhunting Magazine.

After reading through the endless specs, reviews and talking to some buddies from Gander Mountain, I’m feeling very confident in my decision. Can’t wait to pick one of these up and start throwin arrows!

Anyone have any thoughts on the Bow Madness? Anyone shoot one? Love to hear what you think.