vital info

I’ve just recently gotten done checking out Deer & Deer Hunting’s new interactive cd, Vital Information. This is one serious resource. Vital Information is a CD you can run on your computer, which includes digital articles and videos regarding everything you need to know about the Whitetail anatomy. This is a really a great learning tool for any deer camp or class in regards to deer hunting or just any interested hunter. It’s just an awesome informative tool.

Vital Information includes a selection of some of the best articles that have appeared in Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, all relating to “vital” information in regards to deer. Articles cover topics such as shot placement, deer blood, lungs, digestive system, hearing, and guides to field dressing and skinning deer. The videos show deer hunts and then analyze the quality of the shot selection and how it could have been improved.

Here are the features of the program according to the publisher:

  • Exclusive Vital Vision interactive computer program which allows you to view an anatomically correct whitetail from 360 degrees. View all of a deer’s internal organs and bones from every possible shooting angle. Move screens in and out to see organs and bones.
  • 5 instructional hunting videos on proper shot placementshow breath-taking hunts for trophy bucks and teach you the do’s and don’ts of shot placement as our staff rates each shot in detail.
  • 8 full-length articles on whitetail science and physiologyteach you the science behind the inner workings of a deer’s lungs, rumen, esophagus and circulatory system.
  • Full color deer-hair identification guide
  • Complete deer anatomy charts with full-color illustrations
  • Photo essay to help age deer by their teeth
  • Blood-trailing tips and tactics
  • Guide to caping, skinning, field dressing and processing
  • Illustrations on how to identify the tracks of a wounded deer
  • Explanations on why deer and build to survive

I  found the 360 degree views of the deer’s anatomy and shot placement videos to be particularly helpful. This is information that most hunters just aren’t exposed to, but really should be. Another really interesting article takes on the myth of the “dead space” in between the top of the lungs and the backbone. Looks like there is no such thing!

Here is a video clip explaining more about what Vital Information is all about.

The only problem I had with this CD was that at one point the words got all scrambled on the first couple pages of the interactive menu, I reloaded it and the problem was gone. Otherwise this looks to be a high quality, super informative deer hunting resource.

If you’re looking to take the step from being a deer hunter to a deer hunting expert, Vital Information will certainly help you get there.

To pick up a copy of Vital Information follow this link.