My question is this. Have you ever seen a deer have an adverse reaction to the sight or smell of a dead deer in the near vicinity? For example, imagine shooting a doe in the morning. Would a buck avoid this area later in the day? Would another doe walk by, see the dead doe and then quickly leave the scene, spooked for the day?

I asked this question recently on the Deer & Deer Hunting forums and I got quite a response. In general it seems they have found that deer don’t have a negative reaction to a nearby dead deer. Here are a few of the responses…

Nope, I’ve even had live deer come over and check out dead deer.  Last year I took a deer with my bow; I had to scare two other deer away when I came up on the body because they were checking her out.  Would have shot one of them also, but didn’t have the extra tag. – ranwin33

If anything, I would say that a dead deer could ATTRACT other deer.  Deer seem to have a curiosity about other deer that have died.  People who have put trail cameras over gut piles have noted that often, the first animals that arrive to investigate are deer.  I have shot a doe early in the morning and left her lay 30 yards from my stand and then killed a buck an hour or so later right on the same trail. – metamorahunter

What do you guys think? Have you ever experienced something along these lines?