Grand Rapids 10 Point Buck

18 year old, Wired To Hunt fan Calvin Beeke recently bagged a bomber 10 point buck in Grand Rapids, MI. This is coincidentally my home town as well an area I like to hunt, so I was particularly excited to see this great deer taken in my area. Here’s Calvin’s deer hunting story told in his own words.

It was Oct. 5,  near Grand Rapids, MI. The deer started moving too late and the first deer, a mature doe,
spooked when she came up behind us, as did the second deer we
never saw. I was videoing my dad, who was in the stand below me.
Our goal was to shoot a nice doe on camera. With about 10 minutes
of shooting light left a nice doe walked out at 20 yards. Although I
had a perfect opening my dad had no chance being 6 feet below me.
Another five minutes went by and I hit the grunt tube 3 times, and got
no reaction from the doe out in the field. That is when I heard something
coming through the swamp at a trot. It was the first time I had grabbed
my bow all night. I knew the deer was heading toward the same trail where
my Dad had no shooting lane. I quickly clipped on my release and pulled back
just as the deer came trotting in. With a quick grunt I stopped him instantly.
I touched the trigger resting the 30 yard pin behind his shoulder. He ran less
than 30 yards through the thick swamp. Because of the darkness and only
seeing the deer for a couple seconds, I thought I had just shot a 4 or 6 point.
All I knew is that it had antlers. I was pleasantly surprised to see my first bowkill
that would score over 100″. Here in Michigan it is extremely hard to shoot a
buck of that caliber when your in a very pressured area and bucks are mostly
nocturnal. I guess I got a bit lucky too!

Congrats Calvin on a great buck! Calvin also runs the facebook page Michigan Whitetail Pursuit, check it out!

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