Nick Clark's MI 8 Point Buck

I’m excited to say that one of my buddies I used to work with at Gander Mountain just bagged a nice 8 point buck this morning. Nick Clark was also the man that helped set up my new bow a little over a week ago, so thanks again to him for that. More importantly here is his story of how he took this unique 8 point in Coopersville, MI. Congrats buddy!

It was the morning after Halloween and the weather had finally turned to be chilly and overcast. It was one of the first hunts of the season where it wasn’t raining and the wind wasn’t howling.  I was hunting newly acquired property in Coopersville, MI. I approached my stand location with my summit viper climber and a newly purchased Quest bow and accessories. I climbed up a birch tree that was located between a alfalfa field and a bedding area that was connected by a ridge. Across the ridge lied an overgrown power line scattered with fresh scrapes and rubs.  I had found the spot the weekend before and I knew it could produce an excellent chance to hone in on cruising bucks. Up to this point in the season, it had been slow, merely the scattered acquaintance of does and fawns. However, with patience we knew that once the pre-rut started, bucks would be on the move. An hour after first light I noticed a figure making its way towards me from the alfalfa field. The figure through my binoculars was a nice mainframe six point buck approximately 80 yards away. I slowly moved toward my bow hanging on a Realtree EZ hanger to get ready. The buck slowly strolled down to me 30 yards way and stopped behind a large oak tree. As I drew back the buck heard my movement and I was stuck at half draw. The buck cautiously gazed around as I was still at half draw. After what seemed like a lifetime he moved past the tree and I continued to draw. He started walking again and I grunted out of the corner of my mouth to pause the buck. I released my arrow at the slightly quartering to buck, 25 yards away. After the hit, he ran in front of me and stopped 70 yards away, where he wobbled back and forth and dropped to the ground. I knew that it was a perfectly placed shot and he was down. The excitement of a successful harvest finally hit me as I started to shake. I texted my hunting buddy located a few hundred yards from me to tell him the news. As I renocked an arrow I noticed the sound of a deer trotting in the newly fallen leaves. I turned around and there appeared another 8 point, 30 yards away. However, this deer was a smaller 8 point so I elected to pass. After another hour or so I climbed down from my perch to meet up with my buddy. We started to track the deer but could see the buck was lying dead in the two track not far away. The small 6 point turned out to have several more stickers and a unique rack. The buck scored 8 total points and many more little stickers around the base. Mornings like this don’t come too often, but when they do, there is not much more a bowhunter can ask for. It’s a hunt that I will always remember and time spent with good friends. After all the preparation, scouting, and practicing sometimes all you need is a little luck and to be at the right place at the right time. Good luck to all Hunters!!!!

Michigan 8 pointer