One of my first articles on Wired To Hunt, Tech Spotlight: iPhone Apps for the Outdoorsman, has proven to be a very popular article. People today, especially us young tech savvy folks, want to find new ways to use technology out in the field and what better device to mess around with then the iPhone. Well I ran across another article online with some additional iPhone apps for the outdoorsman, so I figured I better share these with you.

“The Unofficial Apple Weblog” found 10 great apps for the outdoorsman, here is a list of what they found. For more info on each, visit the original article here.

  1. 3D Hunting Trophy Whitetail[US$0.99, iTunes Link] – hunting game
  2. “Where’s my tree stand?” app [US$0.99,iTunes Link] – uses gps to mark your treestand and lead you back to it if lost
  3. 3D Hunting Grizzly! Assault [US$0.99, iTunes Link] – hunting game
  4. Big Buck Hunter Pro [US$2.99, iTunes Link] – hunting game
  5. ShRACK [US$0.99, iTunes Link] – helps you calculate the unofficial score of your deer rack
  6. TimeToHunt Pro [US$1.99, iTunes Link] – reports peak movement times for wild game
  7. Duck Hunting [US$0.99, iTunes Link] – hunting game
  8. Turkey Hunt [iTunes Link] – hunting game
  9. Duck Hunting Calls [US$1.99, iTunes Link] – 7 different duck calls
  10. Quik Hunting Calls [US$1.99, iTunes Link] – 35 different game calls and animal sounds

I’m leaning towards picking up one of the new Motorola Droids soon, so I will have a post describing Android apps for the outdoorsman soon!