We all want to find that secret accessory that will automatically make us a better bowhunter, that shortcut to success. Unfortunately usually there is no such thing. The real key to accuracy is practice and tuning. But that being said, there are still certain products that along with the aforementioned work, can be used to improve your accuracy. One of these accessories is a stabilizer.

What does a stabilizer do?

  • It absorbs energy, thereby it reduces vibration and noise from your bow
  • It adds mass to your bow, which reduces the movement  of your bow when you hold it, helping you hold steady

For some in depth information, watch this video from T-Bone’s blog about how stabilizers works and how to choose the right one for your bow. Hopefully adding the proper stabilizer to your bow rig will help you along the journey of improving your archery accuracy. It certainly has helped me.

For some more in-depth information about what stabilizers are made of and how they work, check out Stabilizers 101.