Can’t get the day off of work but you still want to watch some deer feeding over the corn? Well you’re in luck and you have the ESPN Outdoors Wildlife Camera to thank! The folks at ESPN have set up 24/7 video cameras over a 3 acre food plot. Two cameras cover the area, where corn feeders and C’mere deer has been spread. I think the cameras have been rolling for around a week and there have been sightings of big deer, turkeys, hogs and bears! As I am writing this, I literally watched a black bear walk onto the screen and it is now chowing down right in front of me, LIVE. This is very cool and I can really see myself getting addicted to this. If you can’t be in the blind this morning, you might as well watch some big deer on a live webcam! Awesome idea ESPN!

Here is the description of the Wildlife Camera idea from ESPN.

This page highlights the wildlife on a food plot we have planted specifically for our readers to enjoy while sitting at their computers.

There’s nothing like being on a deer stand to relieve the stress of the work week. Now smack dab in the middle of the work week, we’re bringing the deer stand to you.

We’ve been monitoring these cameras for about a week and already they have become a regular part of our viewing. Deer and turkey are using the plot on a regular basis. In that short time period, we’ve viewed two bucks sparring, a flock of Jakes running a couple of does around and numerous deer coming in and out of the area.

Just like on a hunt, we don’t know when these deer, turkeys and other wildlife will show up. But like sitting on your stand, morning and evenings are good choices for watching. Even with those peak times, we’ve seen deer and turkeys visit at all hours of the day and night.

Because the wildlife that appears on this camera is free-range and easily accessible, we can’t reveal the location other than to say it’s in the center of the country.

We’ve taken approximately 3 acres, planted it with Evolved Habitats ProVide Forage Clover and Chicory, added a couple of corn feeders, two video cameras with infra-red technology, three motion-sensitive game cameras and sweetened the whole plot with a variety of C’Mere Deer products.

Our expectations are to keep the lines open on this plot from now until May with a continuous stream 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During that time you should be able to watch deer, turkey, possibly bear and other wildlife as they go about their day and night in the wild.”

And for a little update while I’m writing this, a nice big doe has just walked into the area now. Doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the bear…Wait, make it 3 doe haha. I can see my productivity at work going down the drain real fast!!! Check out the ESPN Outdoors Wildlife Camera!