Scent control is a system. This is so important that I decided we needed to cover this again, even though I blogged about it a couple weeks ago. I know so many weekend warrior hunters who just don’t even consider the issue of scent control, that being said, I realize this issue needs to be reemphasized a lot. Scent control is not something you think about on occasion, not something you take care of 5 minutes  before you hunt and not something you think your clothes can do for you. I’ve heard the analogy that scent control is similar to a recipe for a cake. If you mix in only one ingredient, lets say flour, thats going to be a really shitty cake. Only when you add all the ingredients properly do you get the kind of cake you’re looking for. This is exactly the same with scent control, you must implement all aspects of the system to realize the results you want in the field. So to keep it quick, here are the five basic parts of the scent control system that we should all use. In past posts we only covered three steps, but I believe it is important to consider a few more. There is a lot more that can be said about each of these categories, but we will keep it simple for now.

The Basic Steps of a Scent Control System

  1. Removing scent from your body with scent-free soap, shampoo, deoderant, etc.
  2. Removing scent from your clothing with scent-free laundry detergent and dryer sheets
  3. Properly storing your clothing and gear in a scent-free container until reaching your hunting location
  4. Eliminating any additional odor on clothing and gear just prior to the hunt with spray on scent eliminator
  5. Hunt stands when the wind is in your favor

If you want to do just one thing to increase your odds of shooting a deer, this is it. No other change in tactics will improve your deer hunting than implementing a scent control system. The deer’s nose is it’s # 1 defense mechanism and ignoring that is just foolish. Take the extra time and money to begin putting a scent control system in place this year. You will see more deer, spook less and kill more. I guarantee it.

For a more visual example of how a system such as this can be implemented, check out Anthony and Aneal from explaining their process.