Firearm season is quickly approaching in Michigan, as approximately 800,000 MI hunters are grabbing their blaze orange and heading for the woods this weekend. This Sunday, November 15, will mark the beginning of the 2009 MI Firearm deer hunting season and it truly is a special time of year. For the next couple weeks Wired To Hunt will be featuring more stories than usual focused on firearm hunting specific topics. To start things out, I thought it would be helpful to list out the firearm season dates for some of the top Whitetail Deer hunting states. So when is your state’s regular firearm season?

Michigan: November 15-30
Illinois: November 20-22, December 3-6
Ohio: November 30-December 6, December 19-20
Missouri: November 14-24
Indiana: November 14-29
Pennsylvania: November 30-December 12
Minnesota: November 7-November 15 or 22, November 21-29
Wisconsin: November 21-29
Iowa: December 5-9, December 12-20
Kansas: December 3-December 14
New York: October 24-Dec 6 (Northern Zone),  November 21-Dec 13 (Southern Zone)
Texas: November 7-Jan 31 (depending on your county)