Well bad news folks. The largest eight point whitetail deer ever was taken with a bow this past Halloween and he was taken illegally. This main frame eight measured out to be 185″ green scored, which according to Scott Bestul of Whitetail365 would have made it the world record eight point, smashing the previous record holder by about 5″. Looks like the guy shot this buck and another two previously without tagging them. Really is a shame that such a great buck had to be taken in this fashion. Here’s the full story from the AP.

RED WING, Minn. — A bow-and-arrow hunter is accused of illegally shooting a trophy white-tailed buck and two additional deer in Goodhue County.

Thirty-two-year-old Troy Alan Reinke of Cannon Falls was charged Thursday with 13 counts of illegally taking a deer.

Court records say Reinke shot the deer on Halloween while hunting on private land. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources believes the buck has the largest set of eight-point antlers ever measured.

The DNR investigation stems from an incident where three deer, including a trophy 8-point buck were killed by archery in three separate incidents near Cannon Falls in October.

According to the complaint Reinke admitted to conservation officers that he had shot a small doe and a small buck on separate dates in early October, and failed to tag or register either of the deer.

Reinke said he shot the large 8-point buck, with a 185 green score, on Halloween evening. A green score is an unofficial score to rate deer antlers (inches of length). Conservation officers seized a bow, two deer racks, the meat from the three deer, and the hide from the large buck as part of their investigation.

Restitution for the small buck and doe is $500 each. Restitution for the trophy buck is $1,000. Reinke also faces other court costs and penalties that could add up to a year in jail, $19,000 in fines and revocation of his hunting license for 3 years.