2010 Deer Hunter's Almanac

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for that deer hunter on your Christmas list? Read on to find out more about an affordable, information packed, stocking sized paperback that will make any deer hunter as happy as a kid who just saw Santa.

I recently was sent the 2010 Deer Hunter’s Almanac for review and I have found it to be the perfect literary companion for cross-country flights, mid-workday lulls and lazy nights at Starbucks. The 2010 Deer Hunter’s Almanac is a collection of deer hunting articles compiled into one handy paperback book. So here’s my take on the Deer Hunter’s Almanac in a nutshell.

Content: This is Grade-A, primo, first rate deer hunting knowledge. Most of these articles are pulled straight from Deer & Deer Hunting’s vaults and , in my opinion, no one produces finer deer hunting literature. Articles are short and sweet, which makes this book perfect for a quick read on the bus, plane or the toilet! Looking for in-depth articles that can help you fine tune your hunting set-up? The almanac has it. Looking for basic tips on choosing the right arrow for a beginner hunter? The almanac has that too. Here are a few of the topics covered…

  • Whitetail sign and scouting
  • Blood trailing
  • The virtues of hunting for does
  • Small Land QDM
  • Bowhunting Shot Placement
  • Tree stand tips for muzzleloader hunters

In addition to the informational articles there are also several great hunting stories, state by state deer hunting summaries, recipes and a Boone & Crockett scoring sheet.

Presentation: The Deer Hunter’s Almanac is a small paperback book printed on newspaper type pages. Its nothing fancy, but in my opinion it is just right for certain situations. The almanac doesn’t have the great big full page color pictures or the fancy advertisements, but it is jammed packed with great info and some terrific grayscale photos too. Maybe the best thing about this books presentation is how compact it is. For the amount of info, the almanac is really small and it is perfect for fitting into a napsack or fanny pack to take out in the woods and read on stand.

Value: Value is really where the almanac stands out in my eyes. The Deer Hunter’s Almanac is brimming with important deer hunting information, but it’s priced like a magazine. For $5.95 you just can’t get find a better resource. I counted almost 50 articles within the Almanac and thats not including the state-by-state coverage. Hard to beat that kind of content for that price.

Final Thoughts

The 2010 Deer Hunter’s Almanac is a tremendous value, great resource and the perfect tree-stand read. Nothing fancy, just great info in a compact package. Works great for me. Like I said, whether you stuff this in a stocking or bring it in the woods, you can’t go wrong.

To purchase a copy of the 2010 Deer Hunter’s Almanac follow this link.