Showtime recently launched, Lock ‘N Load, a new reality show based around a behind the scenes look at a gun store. Essentially there are hidden cameras around the store and the gun shop owner Josh T. Ryan talks guns with customers. At first glance I liked the idea. I like guns and anything that supports our Second Amendment rights to possess them.

But the more I watched this show, I realized there are also some potential downsides. My biggest qualm with the show is that it seems to feature all the “crazies” that come into the store. Since obviously the show is trying to achieve a certain level of entertainment value, I can understand this. But I worry that someone not familiar with firearms is going to be scared to death by this, think that all people with guns are crazy and will rush off to support the latest gun control laws. Not cool.

So what do you guys think about Lock ‘N Load? Entertaining? Or just fodder for the anti-gun crowd?

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