Thought your current whitetail decoy was pretty nice? Prepare to be shown up. Danny Farris, over at Stuck in the Rut, has helped create and now has used what he calls the ultimate whitetail deer decoy. He in collaboration with his taxidermist Don Fager, designed this decoy by creating a full body mount of a deer, with a Carry-lite decoy body as the core. So you’ve got essentially a hairy, life like deer decoy, but with the weight and durability of a Carry-lite decoy. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well Danny took this bad boy out for a trial run this fall, and check out these results…

For more info about the creation of the “Ultimate Whitetail Decoy” check out these articles on Petersen’s Bowhunting’s Stuck in the Rut.

The Ultimate Whitetail Decoy

The Ultimate Whitetail Decoy (Continued)

The Ultimate Whitetail Decoy (Results)

If you are interested in having Don build you a custom decoy of your own, you can contact him at (719) 495-3868, or visit him on the web at