Nicks second buck 2

Well my buddy from Gander Mountain, Nick Clark,  has bagged another buck and this time it’s a bruiser main frame 8 pointer. Another great example of the next generation of hunters gettin it done! Nick is definitely “Wired To Hunt”. Here’s his story…

The rut was getting under way and it was coming to that magical time of year when we as hunters want nothing more then to hit the woods. It was November 14, that’s the night before the opening of rifle season and I wasn’t  about to set my bow down on a beautiful calm afternoon the day before the most hunted day of the year. I approached my stand trailing with a key wick that was dipped in Active scrape made by Wildlife Research. The actual purpose of the product is to use over a scrape with a dripper. However, it contains doe estrous and buck urine so I gave it a shot. If it actually added to my success is open for stipulation. I positioned myself halfway down a stand of tall row pines that butted up to another stand of oaks that was divided by an old two track.

At 5:15 pm, straight away from me about 100 yards away I could see the movement of a deer. It slowly made its way through the oak stand and was making his way towards the tall row pines where my stand site was located. I could finally tell the deer was in fact a well framed buck that appeared to have at least 8 points. After shooting my first buck of the season I told myself I wouldn’t shoot anything now unless it was bigger than the first. The buck turned slightly and crossed the two-track into the tall row pines about 70 yards from my stand and I could tell at that time the buck was much bigger than the first buck I had shot. I finally reacted with a few grunts. The buck paused and gazed in my direction. Then he proceeded to move away from my stand. I reacted with a series of grunts with intermitting doe bleats with “The primos can”. He paused again which seemed like an eternity and then finally turned towards my direction. He was moving in 60, 50, 40, now 30 yards away and turning broadside back to the two-track he came from. I didn’t grunt again because I knew that he was interested and I didn’t want the buck to know my exact location, I wanted him to try and find me. At 25 yards he stopped behind a row of pines to try and locate the illusion I had set forth. So I drew back and held, held, and held for what seemed like ten minutes. He finally moved out past the row of pines and turned back away from me. I knew it was now or never. I was still drawn back so I grunted with my mouth to stop the buck. He didn’t stop. I aimed at the shoulder because I knew since he was walking my arrow would fall back a few inches due to him walking. I released the arrow and heard a boom and the buck ran off. I reached back for my grunt call to try and stop the deer. I grunt at deer after I shoot them because sometimes they will actually stop at the grunting. Thus, making the recovery much easier. I could see the buck 60 yards away from where I shot him and he stopped. Then he proceeded to run further and I heard no more. I never heard the buck fall so I was hesitant on the shot. I waited an hour and got down from my stand to locate the arrow.

The arrow was covered in blood and embedded into a pine tree. I started to track the buck with a marginal blood trail the first 20 yards. Then the blood really started to pour till I got to the spot at which he stopped. There was a large pool there and nothing beyond that. I decided to back out for another hour thinking I might have not had a good shot. I waited for one of my good buddies to arrive. We went back out and found out the buck doubled back and was only 40 yards from the last blood. This was the biggest Michigan whitetail I have ever taken and it was worth more because I harvested the buck with my bow. He sported 8 points even though his left G3 is broke it was still an inch long with a 17 inch spread. Now, its time to try and get the buck to doe ratio under order and harvest some does. Good luck to all hunters!!!!!

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Nicks second buck