shanes buck 2

Wired To Hunt readers are continuing to put the hammer down on great bucks! I love it! Here we have some great pics of two monster Indiana bucks taken by Shane Phipps and his buddy, Tony Miller, on opening weekend. Keep up the great work fellas. Here is their story…

My hunting partner and I started out at one farm on Nov. 15th, the second morning of the Indiana shotgun season, and ended up on another. By 10:30 am, we each had our best bucks to date on the ground.

My buddy could not hunt the opening morning due to a meeting, but I hunted and saw the most deer I have ever seen in one morning (63). I did see three definite shooter bucks, but none were in range. My buddy joined me that evening and we both saw some deer but no shooters.

The next morning, my buddy sat in the same cedar tree I had sat in the morning before, and I was hunting on the ground about 200 yards up the powerline cut from him. At 8:00am, I heard his muzzleloader fire, saw the smoke puff out from the cedar and heard a deer crash. My buddy radioed me and reported that he had killed a big buck. We met at his buck and it was a great 10 pointer with a small kicker. The body was HUGE, weighing easily over 250 pounds.

We decided to go to a different farm that we lease about 3 miles away and try for a buck for me. We got there around 9:00. He went to one area and I to another. We decided to put on a little two man drive and see if we could get a buck up on its feet. At 10:00 our plan came together perfectly. A huge 10 pointer came right out in front of me and I dropped him. Both bucks turned out to be our best ever.

His buck green scores at 142 and mine at 152. I have attached pictures of each. I am the one in the orange cap.

-Shane Phipps

Indiana 10 point