Whitetail 365 just posted a story talking about some pictures of a hunter who accidentally had their arrow fall off the rest, but still shot the arrow. The arrow ended up going  through his hand…Big mistake.

I just received a photo yesterday, and have no way of knowing if it’s legit. Supposedly the shooter who’s attached to the hand in said photo realized his arrow had fallen off the rest, but decided to shoot anyway. Obviously, one more item to add to the list of “don’t do it, just to see what happens” stuff we should all be keeping. Our online editors say I can’t post the photo here, as they nearly lost their lunch looking at it and fear you would do the same. Let’s just say the arrow almost made it all the way through the hand, and there’s lots of splinters poking out around the entry hole. – Whitetail 365 (Click for the original post)

Well I in fact was sent these pictures a couple weeks ago when a buddy forwarded it in an email to me. So I figure although these pictures are very gruesome, someone has to put them up, if only to ease peoples curiousity. So continue at your own peril, this is painful just to look at.