If you love shooting arrows and good country music then you’re gonna love this music video. Mark Wills, a great country music artist, has released his new music video for “Crazy White Boy” and it is a fun, down home, country video. Lots of camo, pick-up trucks, bows, guns and good times. Chris Brackett of Arrow Affliction, a hardcore bowhunting TV show, makes a cameo and is featured throughout most of the video too. Great to see a hunting guy make it on the big screen! Check out Mark Wills new music video here!

Speaking of Arrow Affliction, for those of you who haven’t seen it, Arrow Affliction is a pretty intense hunting show, fast paced and a little crazy. But fun stuff to watch. Check out a clip here and watch full episodes on the Sportsman Channel and Wild TV.

One point worth mentioning, I love Chris’s practice regimen he speaks of in this clip. It’s so important to get out and shoot your bow! You really need to practice a lot, to make sure you’re right on every time. Not to mention shooting your bow is fun! So get out there and practice.