Whitetail Advantage

Christmas is fast approaching and I know I’m not the only one thats still scrambling to pick up Christmas presents. That being said, I feel it’s my responsibility to offer a few suggestions in the form of product reviews. Over the last several months I’ve had the pleasure to recieve a variety of great books and DVDs to review for my readers and one of my favorites has been Whitetail Advantage: Understanding Deer Behavior for Hunting Success.

Content: Whitetail Advantage was written by two of the nation’s top deer biologists, Dr. Dave Samuel and Robert Zaiglin, so the entire book is written from a biology stand point. The authors took a look at many of the most debated aspects of deer behavior and hunting tactics and then used sound wildlife research to back up their advice and observations. Topics covered included scraping and rubbing behavior, deer’s sense of smell, rattling studies, deer home ranges and many more interesting pieces. What I liked best was that all the information or opinion presented, was backed up by studies done across the country to gain insight into deer behavior. Observation is one thing, but getting insight from carefully planned research studies takes learning to a new level.

Presentation: Whitetail Advantage is a nice paper back book, with glossy pages and easy to read text. Many nice color pictures are included, although almost all seem to be of deer that look to be from Texas. Otherwise, it’s a good looking and well put together book. My book in fact was stuffed into my hunting fanny pack many times, and survived all the wear and tear and rain I could throw at it!

Value: Whitetail Advantage is currently priced at $16.49 online and that seems to be a fair price in my opinion. This is really a unique book, in it’s focus on offering deer hunting advice based on studied behaviors. It’s hard to find this kind of information in any other place, so it definitely has a place on my book shelf. In my opinion, Whitetail Advantage is a good value for a unique and insightful deer hunting book and a great read for any hunter looking to take it to the next level and understand deer behavior like never before.

Interested in reading this book or want to pick one up as a Christmas present for another hunter? Click here to purchase a copy of Whitetail Advantage.