Whoah,  here is a good dose of buck porn for ya this afternoon. This buck had been popping up around the internet the last few days and it obviously deserves some attention over here on W2H as well. This Ohio buck was taken during muzzleloader season and preliminary estimates show that it could have the longest main beams ever! Field & Stream has a great feature on this buck, including the hunter’s story and exclusive photos. I don’t want to steal F & S’s thunder, so here’s a quick preview for you and then head on over to FieldandStream.com to check out the full story and pics.

“Okay, it’s not official quite yet. But unless a buck’s main beam can shrink by almost two inches in 60 days, you are looking at least the longest left main beam and likely the longest two beams recorded on a whitetail deer—ever. On November 30th, the opening day of Ohio’s gun season, 39-year-old software developer Brian Stephens dropped this 18-point colossus at 80 yards with his .50 caliber T/C muzzleloader. The enormous buck should shatter The Buckeye State’s nontypical muzzleloader record and will almost certainly set the new mark for whitetail beam length.”

From another source…

“The rack was green scored by Boone & Crocket scorer Mike Wendel of Botkins on Dec. 9 with a net score of 232 5/8 inches. If the dry score in 60 days holds close to that, it would be the No. 1 non-typical rack in Ohio history taken by a muzzle loader, and the 35 1/8 inch left and 34 4/8 inch right main beams would be the longest ever recorded from a whitetail anywhere in the world, according to Busse’s research.

Check out the full story here. New Ohio Muzzleloader Record Could Have Longest Main Beams Ever Recorded – Field & Stream