Hello Wired To Hunt Nation, I write to you this evening to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a blessed Christmas. It’s a beautiful time of the year to be with friends, family and maybe even hit the deer woods. So I wish you all luck, whether it be needed to fend off a mother-in-law or to drop a Christmas Eve buck.

Speaking of the holidays, I am flying out tomorrow night from California to return to my home state of Michigan, but this time for good. I will be finishing my training out here and starting my new position in Ann Arbor, MI. So I’m very excited to get started in the new job and to hit the woods of SE Michigan for some deer. I am in fact moving into a farm house on a 100 acre farm that I have rights to hunt, so it will be really exciting to have that kind of hunting opportunity right out my back door. I’m sure you all will hear plenty of stories coming from this farm in the near future.

So Merry Christmas and God Bless as we begin the new year.