Happy New Year and welcome to 2010! It’s been quite a while since I last posted, as I have had a pretty hectic couple weeks. As previously mentioned, I have moved from California to Michigan and I’ve been completing this move over the last few days. After visiting family and friends over the holidays I’m finally settled into my new home in Ann Arbor, MI and I am loving it. Started my new job yesterday and things are going great there as well. So now that all of this craziness has passed to some extent, I can now devote some much needed time back to Wired To Hunt.

Now over this crazy transition time, I haven’t totally neglected my hunting. I’ve been able to get out in the woods a few times, take a buddy out hunting, scout my new farm I’m living on and put up some trail cameras. Unfortunately I was never able to get a good shot opportunity on a deer, but it was nice getting in the woods anyways. This being said, I still accomplished a lot. So check out this video clip I threw together, showing a little bit of what I have been up to since I moved back to Michigan. Much more to come during the winter doldrums of January as well. I’ll be doing a lot of post-season scouting in MI and discussing what thats all about with the Wired To Hunt Nation. I’ll also be heading to the ATA Show in Columbus, Ohio in a week and a half, from which I’ll be bringing you all a ton of great new product information, interviews and pictures. While down in Ohio I also plan on trying to stick a doe with my bow over MLK day weekend. So stay tuned.