Well as you all know, I wasn’t able to make it down to ATA this year because of work commitments, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been staying up to date on whats going on. The fellas over at Bowhunting.com have been doing a fabulous job of covering the show and are essentially doing what I would have liked to do if I was down there myself. Having said this I would highly recommend you check out their blog where they have posted information on tons of new products that they’ve gotten to see at the show over the last couple days. Definitely some exciting new products coming this year, so check some of them out and don’t be embarrassed if you start salivating from excitement. You’re not the only one.

Follow this link to view the Bowhunting.com list of product reviews from ATA.

ATA Show Bowhunting Review – 80+ 2010 Products