I’ve got bad news for Arrow Affliction fans out there, it looks like Chris Brackett is leaving the show! I am seriously bummed, as AA has become one of my favorite hunting shows. It was fun, it was different and it pretty much just kicked ass. Every time I watched Chris on AA, I immediately wanted to get out and shoot my bow or stalk some critters. Chris and his work on Arrow Affliction has definitely influenced me and I’m sure he’s excited a lot of other hunters out there as well. On a more positive note, it looks like Chris will be back on the scene soon with some new exciting project. Although it’s too early to tell whats next, Chris did leave this reassuring comment on a thread on an Archery Talk forum…

“thanks for all the support fellow killers!!!!!!!! I do have some things up my sleeves.

Needless to say, I’m pumped to find out whats next. Hopefully we’ll have some more information about why this all happened soon, stay tuned for more.

Here’s an Arrow Affliction clip for good measure…one of my favorite hunts of his, going for black bears.

UPDATE: Click here to read my interview with Chris Brackett about why he left AA and whats next!