Whoah! Check out this buck! I just saw this pic pop up on the Big Buck Zone blog over at Outdoor Life and this is a monster. Supposedly it was 440 lbs before dressing. True? Who knows. Impressive?Absolutely. For more details, check out the article on BBZ. “Biggest Buck Ever

UPDATE 2/11/10: Field & Stream recently was able to uncover the truth about this deer. It is 420 lbs and was shot at a high-fence operation, for more details check out the F&S story. Although the deer is real, its not a real hunt in my opinion. I wouldn’t take a free high-fence hunt if it was given to me, thats shooting…not hunting. Hunting to me is not the act of killing a deer, rather it is the year long process of scouting, preparation and lots of hard work which in the end, could result in success.