February is a great time to spend all day wasting away on the couch, stuffing your face with potatoe chips….or it could be the perfect time to get off your butt and get back to the woods! Although deer hunting season is behind us, there is plenty to do outside and I would say coyote hunting should be near the top of your list. Check out my quick video tip of the day to find out why I would make such a claim!

Want to try coyote hunting but don’t know where to start? Here are a few more tips that I’ve picked up while trying to learn the trade myself.

  • When deciding on a place to sit, try and position yourself on a high spot that you can see far out in all directions
  • Sit in as open of an area as you can, while also being close to some thicker cover. You can call coyotes out of the thick stuff, but you want to be able to see them coming from as far away as possible
  • Set up a decoy in front of you, this will help entice a coyote even more after hearing your calls. I picked up the “Edge Quiver Critter Predator Decoy” for around $20 bucks and I really like it so far.
  • If you can afford getting an electronic call, go for it, I’m told they’re great. But if not, don’t worry. A hand call can work just fine. You might want to buy more than one, so that you can vary your sounds. I have tried the Flextone Dying Rabbit Call and the Knight & Hale Ultimate Predator Call. Both seem to work well.

So I’d recommend you guys get on out and try your hands at coyote hunting, I think it’s a fun winter pastime for a whitetail hunter and it can end up helping your deer population next year to boot! Give it and try and let us know how you do. For you guys with experience coyote hunting, it would be awesome if you could share one or two of your favorite coyote hunting tips in the comments section. I surely would be interested to learn more and I know plenty of others would be too!