As much as I enjoy a good hunting video filled with big bucks hittin the ground, I also am a huge proponent of educational videos and I have just recently ran across a very good one that I just had to share with ya’ll. I recently received a copy of the new DVD from Deer & Deer Hunting, entitled Whitetail Behavior and as is usual with content coming from D & DH, I was impressed. I’m continually impressed with the D & DH staff”s commitment to researching and sharing the most in-depth and interesting information about whitetails. This DVD certainly lives up to that billing. As I watched this video with my father, I couldn’t help but think that it was perfect timing. All this past fall I’ve been preaching scent control to my father and he would reluctantly take a few steps in the right direction. But as the Whitetail Behavior DVD began rolling with some great footage and information about deer’s sense of smell, I knew my instructions were finally hitting home. Now I just need to get the rest of my hunting camp to watch!


The Whitetail Behavior DVD is filled with awesome video and insight into how and why whitetails act the way they do. Topics such as senses, communication, reactions to danger and the rut were covered. Although I’ve spent hundreds of hours in the woods hunting, there were still things on this DVD that I had never seen a deer do in the wild. The videos are stunning and very revealing. Great footage and explanation detailed how deer smell, see and hear and showed them in the wild reacting to different stimuli, such as a threat. We’ve all seen a spooked doe stomp her foot and do the head bob when alarmed, but have you ever seen a mature buck spook that way? Probably not, because as you can see in this video, an old buck will typically slink out of a dangerous situation rather than snorting and stomping around. You’ll see and learn about rutting behavior such as rubbing, scraping and the “lockdown” phase. All of this, although not new to most, is still interesting to see and learn more about. Another piece that was particularly interesting to me was the segment on communication, as it featured numerous deer vocalizations. Many of these are seldom heard by hunters, but are still imitated, albeit poorly,  by people in the woods. Specifically I was surprised by how the “tending grunt” sounded coming from a deer. It was much more long and drawn out than I had previously understood, it was almost a slow clicking noise. So like I said, this video offered some great information for experienced hunters and new alike.


I thought Whitetail Behavior was a well put together, enjoyable viewing experience. The greatest feature of the DVD is the great video footage of whitetails in the wild and it is truly beautiful. If you are as passionate about whitetails as I am, you will enjoy seeing this kind of video. The main video is filled with great narration explaining the deer behaviors, but there is also a bunch of bonus footage that is nothing but a highlight reel of whitetails doing interesting things out in the wild. I just can’t get enough of that kind of thing. The video also is broken up nicely intro different segments, covering the topics such as communication and senses. This promoted a nice flow and made the DVD progress in a smooth and logical fashion.

Overall Value

If you are obsessed with learning about whitetails, this is a video for you. It’s filled with great video of deer and great information to go along with it. For someone like me, who never stops craving information, I’m a huge fan. But if you’re looking for a thrilling hunting video filled with kills, this isn’t it. I would highly recommend showing this video to any of your friends or family who are just getting into hunting, as it illustrates so many of the things that typically take years in the woods to learn. Show your new hunting friends and watch it yourself to learn more about the fascinating quarry that we love to chase. I’m giving Whitetail Behavior two big thumbs up and for $12.99 it’s a great value.

To pick up a copy of Whitetail Behavior follow this link… Buy the Whitetail Behavior DVD. To get a sneak peek at the video, watch the clip below!