This year at the Deer & Turkey Spectacular I had the great pleasure of speaking with Todd Pringnitz of White Knuckle Productions. The team at WKP makes hard-core bowhunting videos in a really unique way. No sponsors at every corner, no editing out misses and no big shot baloney. White Knuckle Productions is all about real guys, putting in tons of work to get a chance at a bruiser buck. After speaking with Todd, I was really impressed with his passion for hunting and his dedication to quality in his DVD’s. WKP seems to be a top notch group of guys, producing some awesome videos. So check out my interview with the founder of WKP, Todd, as he discusses the mission of his organization, how this past year went and a few tips for all of us whitetail hunters.

The guys at WKP were kind enough to let me check out their newest DVD, Ground Zero, and review it for Wired To Hunt. So keep your eyes out for that coming soon.

For a sample of what White Knuckle Production DVDs are all about, check out this trailer for their Full Circle DVD.

For more info about White Knuckle Productions and their hunting DVDs, check out their website here. White Knuckle Productions.