This Saturday I had the chance to speak with Lennie from Carbon Express about the new arrows coming out for 2010 and boy do they sound sweet. I’m personally in the market for some new arrows, so I was particularly excited to learn about the new offerings. Give this video of our interview a watch and then continue below for more information.

Mutiny-$80: “The Mutiny is selectively engineered for higher velocity to create a flatter trajectory and increased accuracy. The advanced carbon composite design is exceptionally durable and is laser sorted for greater consistency and all around performance. The Mutiny features Carbon Express’ unique Diamond-coat finish that provides greater durability and a smoother, slicker surface for easy target removal. Each Mutiny arrow is fletched with compact Predator vanes for higher arrow velocity and utilizes tunable nocks for precision accuracy.”

PileDriver-$100: “The PileDriver series is engineered for the hunter who wants ULTIMATE penetration. The PileDriver Hunter is the heaviest arrow in the Carbon Express line to create maximum kinetic energy and greater knock down power. Built-in Weight Forward technology delivers superior down-range accuracy while compact Predator vanes allow for extra arrow velocity.”

Mayhem-$120-$125:  “The Mayhem series is engineered to deliver the ultimate combination of speed, accuracy, and penetration – setting a new standard for all-around Hunting performance. It’s like getting 3 arrows in 1. The secret weapon is the K-360° Weave Technology that provides 360° spine consistency and delivers the ultimate combination of speed, accuracy and penetration. The Mayhem Hunter also features our exclusive Carbon Express Built-in Weight Forward technology for superior down-range accuracy with a broadhead. Equipped with Blazer or Fusion vanes for precise broadhead placement and BullDog nock collars for added strength.”