After speaking with Todd Pringnitz of White Knuckle Productions at the Michigan Deer & Turkey Spectacular I immediately began chomping at the bit to watch one of the WKP DVDs. So while waiting for my Ground Zero DVD to come in the mail last Thursday, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and ran over to Cabelas to pick up Full Circle. Well I watched it that night and then I watched about 30 min of it again with my sister on Saturday, I then watched about an hour of it with my friends on Sunday and now at this moment I am watching it again! So based on that, you might be able to predict how this review is going to sound.

The White Knuckle Productions tag line is “A Different Kind of Hunting Video” and I can confirm that they live by that slogan. The number one unique factor that separated WKP from its peers is that they develop a story line and show a full season. Full Circle includes shed hunting, velvet footage, stand preparation, misses and hits. I really like the fact that there is more than just a kill shown. Sure I enjoy a good ole hunting show with big bucks and fist pumps, but those aren’t the only parts of hunting that I love. I love the walk to the stand in the afternoon, I love tracking a buck with my friends and family, I love setting up a new stand and I love those nights where you sit and just breathe. Full Circle is one of the only hunting productions that I’ve seen, that actually captures all the great aspects of hunting other than just a kill. The only other show/dvd that I have seen that develops a story as well as WKP is Heartland Bowhunter, which is another one of my favorites. All this being said, there are still some great bucks taken on film in Full Circle and plenty of fist pumps, hoots, hollers and teeth chattering shakes. I enjoyed watching Full Circle so much, because it actually felt like I could live out a deer hunting season in a small way through the video. Rather than a disjointed mash-up of quick kill clips, I watched a story and characters develop.

In addition to great storyline and production quality, I also thought the people in front of the camera were superb. I love hearing the commentary from the on-camera hunters and Full Circle featured some of the best. My two favorites were probably Todd and DFW. Todd’s insane passion and excitement after making a shot reflected my energy and excitement after getting a deer to a T, I couldn’t help but get pumped up watching him. For best one-liners, the prize has to go to Dan Johnson, AKA DFW, who got me laughing with lines like “He looks like a 7 pointer, maybe 130 inches. But…he made me go Ahhhh, so I shot him!”

The quality of this DVD was superb. Great footage of the deer, great B-roll of the nature and the surroundings. I thought everything in regards to presentation was A+, nothing deterred from the story line, every piece of music, editing or footage was put in just the right place to help develop the narrative. Overall video quality and filming I thought was top notch, once again the only other show/DVD I’ve seen that has similar production quality is Heartland Bowhunter. I would have to give HB the nod over WKP on video quality, but not by much. The WKP footage certainly holds its own.

Overall Value
Well lets be honest, my review is pretty glowing, so there is not much more to be said here. I loved this video so much because I could watch it and feel like I was reliving a past deer season or experiencing what my future seasons might be like. Its certainly a great fix for those off-season hunting blues. This is the best hunting DVD I have seen so far and I would recommend it to each and every one of you. Not only was the video great, but it seems like the team is first rate as well. Speaking with Todd last weekend, I could immediately appreciate his passion and dedication to this endeavor.

So when it comes right down to it, this video will make you go Ahhh…so go buy it! lol

Click here to watch my interview with Todd Pringnitz, President of WKP, at the 2010 Michigan Deer & Turkey Spectacular.

To learn more about White Knuckle Productions or to purchase a DVD, check out the White Knuckle Productions website.