One of my buddies from home recently said to me that it can’t be healthy for me to sit in my house and watch hunting dvds and shows everyday, obsessing about getting out in the woods after whitetails. I’m going to have to politely disagree, I think this is the number one cure for the winter whitetail blues! Especially on those days that the snow stings your eyes and the snot freezes to your nose. If I’m not scouting or shed hunting, you’ll find me on the couch with whitetails ruttin across my TV screen. This past couple weeks one of the better DVD’s I’ve gotten to watch is Real Hunting’s Work’N Class Whitetails Iowa Giants Vol 5 & 6. I got to speak to one of the Real Hunting Prostaff members, Rob, at the MI Deer & Turkey show and I really liked the idea of these videos. Let it be known that I wasn’t disappointed when I finally got to watch one.


The Real Hunting DVDs are all about regular guys that work 9 to 5’s but also hunt their hearts out. These are not celebrities or hot shot pros who are endorsing products. These are just every day hunters like the rest of us, who just love to get out and shoot deer. I can’t help but find this refreshing. The two volume set features segments with hunters ranging all skill levels, ages and personalities. There is a little bit of everything on here for you, but most importantly there are some serious Iowa giants! The bucks in these films are nasty, slob, freak bucks and I had to pinch myself about once every 20 minutes while watching these monsters hit the ground. It goes without saying that I sure wish I was huntin where these fellas are! The video has nearly 4 hours of hunts, with mostly bow and a few muzzleloader kills. I thought the hunters were sincere and entertaining, I especially enjoyed when they provided some background for the different hunters and their stories. If you like watching exciting hunts for monster deer, you’re going to like these DVDs. If you like seeing a regular guy just like you killing monster deer, you’re going to really like these!


I can’t complain about the presentation in these DVDs at all. Great film was shot of awesome bucks, scenery and the hunters. I thought the editing and music was all done nicely. But the real draw of these DVDs are the great deer and exciting hunts.

Final Thoughts

My only complaint about the DVD could also be viewed as a positive by some. These DVDs pack ,I’m guessing, around 30-40 different hunts onto their video. This results in a lot of variety in hunts and deer, but not much in the way of background or storyline. So there isn’t a great flow throughout the DVDs. I’m a big fan of the videos that build a story throughout the hunt. That being said, I still think the DVD’s were entertaining, well done and certainly “real”. I really enjoyed that fact that I could relate to so many of the hunters.  Any one of the Work’N Class Whitetails DVDs would be a great choice to sit down for 30 min with some buddies, drink a brew or two and watch some horns hit the ground. And in my opinion, you really can never get enough of that. I sure can’t wait til “sweet November”…

For more info or to pick up one of the Real Hunting DVDs, visit the Real Hunting Website .

Check out the clip below to get a sneak peak of what Real Hunting DVDs are all about. This clip is from Iowa Giants 3 & 4, but it’s still good for a sample.