I sat home late tonight, drinking a cold beer and watching the newest White Knuckle Productions DVD, Ground Zero. As I watched the bucks cruising across the screen, I couldn’t help but want to get out in the woods and shoot a buck myself! Unfortunately the season is still a long ways out, but I’ve found that practicing with my bow can be a great way to get my hunting fix. That being my thought process,  tonight I decided that while I was watching the DVD, it would be a great time to do a little bit of target practice.

I ran into my storage room, grabbed my bow and release and plopped back down on the couch. For the next hour of the DVD, I would draw and aim at every deer that came across the screen! As I watched the deer on my TV, I tried to place myself in the situation and think through the process of finding a shooting lane, stopping the deer, picking a spot and then squeezing. Woops, no I don’t want to squeeze in my living room! I was honestly worried I might actually pull my trigger, so I had to continually remind myself to keep my finger off the release.

After playing “deer hunting” for an hour, without one dry fire I might add, I found this exercise to be both fun and beneficial. I was able to work my bow arm muscles, practice holding at full draw, work on aiming at a spot on a deer and also force myself to think through potential hunting situations. I’d say this was a pretty productive way to spend a night on the couch!

Have any of you guys done this kind of “practice”? Any other unorthodox methods you guys have tried to stay in bow hunting shape and up to snuff on accuracy? I’m interested in hearing the craziest bowhunting “practice” method out there!