I am both excited and embarassed to announce that tonight I found my first shed of the 2010 season! So yes, I am excited I finally found a shed, but I think I’m equally embarrassed by how long it took me to find one this year! But what I’ve lacked in quantity, I sure made up in quality tonight, right? I mean look at the mass on this piece of bone! This is what that Michigan Quality Deer Management can do!  He is going to be one slob of a Michigan buck next year! Ha ha. I wish. In all honesty, its obviously a baby of a shed, but it does make me optimistic for the next week. Today was the first day that the snow has melted enough for me to see the dirt in areas and it paid off with a shed. I’m hoping that with the continued melting of  the snow this week and with some dedication on my part, I will finally be able to find some sheds I can be proud of.

Until then, feel free to marvel at my trophy shed. More to come shortly!