The snow is melting, birds are chirping and the peak of shed hunting season is officially upon us! In my opinion there is no better time to hit the woods in search of fallen bone than these first couple weeks of March. That being said, its also the time of year when we are searching for any piece of info that could give us the edge for finding more sheds and I think I may just have the ticket. Joe Shead, author and creator of the book “Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-tailed Deer Antlers” and the DVD “Go Shed Hunting” was kind enough to send over copies of his book and DVD for me to check out. Boy, am I grateful. These two resources offer a boatload of knowledge and insight into the shed hunting world and I am confident that what I have learned will translate into me finding more sheds than ever before.

The Book

“Shed Hunting” is an easy to read, well paced, info packed book. It begins by discussing the science of antlers, which I found particularly interesting. Did you know that antlers grow faster than cancerous cells?! Antlers are truly an amazing marvel in the animal world. The meat of the reading covers how, where and why your should search certain areas for sheds. It all comes down to finding where sheds are, because no matter how hard you search, you can’t find sheds that aren’t there. I think Joe does a great job explaining why he favors certain areas to find sheds and how he then goes about searching these spots. I particularly enjoyed a section where he gave an example of a piece of land he likes, including a diagram, and then he breaks down in detail how he would pick it apart. This insight has definitely helped me better utilize my time while searching my land. In addition to this core information, the book also covers related topics such as shed hunting dogs, shed hunting organizations and how to shed hunt with buddies.


The “Go Shed Hunting” DVD is the perfect companion to the book that Joe has written. This DVD follows Joe throughout an entire season of shed hunting, as he treks across the woods and fields of Wisconsin. Being able to actually see the areas that the sheds were found and how they lay was really helpful and I’m sure it will improve my eye in the woods. Not only did the video show sheds, but also plenty of great scenery and deer. It was an overall enjoyable and educational film, that would definitely be helpful to anyone looking to increase their shed hunting success.

Check out this clip from “Go Shed Hunting” to get a better feel for the DVD.

Final Thoughts

In closing I would say that both the shed hunting book and DVD created by Joe Shead are  terrific resources for the up and coming shed hunter. Full of information and enjoyably written and produced, both resources would get a big thumbs up from me. If you had to choose just one, I would definitely say go with the book. But the DVD is certainly a nice companion. So if you’re looking to up the ante when going after sheds this year I would highly recommend checking out either the Joe’s shed hunting book or DVD. I’m confident that it will make you a better bone collector.

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