I am very excited today to introduce to you all a new contributor we will be having on Wired To Hunt, Matt White. You may recognize Matt as the new member of Heartland Bowhunter that I recently interviewed for a piece on W2H earlier this week. If not, check out the article here. After speaking with Matt and exchanging emails over the last couple weeks, I knew that we shared a similar deep passion for hunting and the year round pursuit of whitetails. As Wired To Hunt continues to expand, I have been looking to add some additional contributors to add new insight, and I felt that Matt would be a perfect fit. Look for Matt to be sharing his vast experiences, knowledge and stories with us several times a month as he embarks upon his first season with Heartland Bowhunter. Below is a brief introduction that Matt has prepared for us. Check back later today for his first post and please join me in welcoming Matt to the team!

Matt began his bowhunting life 8 seasons ago.  Since then he has been able to harvest six pope and young whitetails and one boone and crockett.  He is a firefighter/paramedic for the City of Salina.  Matt is married to a very understanding woman, Tracy, who sees what bowhunting means to him and is willing to make the sacrifices that it takes to be married to a bowhunter.  They have a beautiful 2 year old daughter Kimber and are expecting a son in June.  Matt also is blessed to have two brothers, Nick and Scott, that share a common vision.  That vision is to make bowhunting not just something that is done in the fall.  Bowhunting to Matt and his brothers is a year round grind that takes them from the top of big cottonwood trees in central Kansas to the high alpine ridges of the rockies every year.  They use every day to work on some aspect of their skills.  Physical fitness is paramount for them and not a day goes by that a challenge wasn’t taken on with the end goal being an improvement in their ability to chase big game and finish the chase with a well placed arrow.

– Matt White