I’ve been very fortunate over the last couple months to speak with some great people in the hunting industry and Todd Cast of TNT Outdoor Explosion was certainly one of my favorites. Todd was a great guy to chat with and he hosts a really terrific show. If you haven’t seen TNT Outdoor Explosion yet, you really ought to check it out. Check out my interview with Todd to learn more about the show, how Todd is bringing children into the woods and a few whitetail hunting tips.

What’s TNT all about and what makes you guys different?

Well we’re trying to bring variety into our footage. Obviously whitetail is king. I’ve killed hundreds of whitetails, but I still get excited every time I go after them. That being said, I’ve taken so many that I also wanted another challenge. So at the end of the day, I started looking internationally about 10 years ago. Since then I’ve been able to go to Africa and hunt in some other incredible places. We’ve received a lot of emails from viewers saying that they want some variety and they enjoy it when we do show those different things.

In the end, I really try to focus on the adrenaline rush. If I’ve got a cape buffalo or a whitetail deer in front of me, I still want to get the adrenaline rush. I don’t think I’ll ever lose that. There is no rule that says you have to eat steak every night, so it’s fun to try different stuff and see what else makes your blood pump.

So for a Whitetail hunter who wants to try out hunting internationally for other big game, what advice would you give?

For people going international there’s a lot you have to consider. For me personally the biggest difference is endurance.  When you’re in the Midwest, your shots are typically within 200 yards.   It’s a lot tougher to run up and down the mountains after big game.  I know now that I need to continue to train.  I just did a mountain lion hunt in Nevada, and it was real tough hiking up those mountains, especially with all the snow.  So for someone going international, the first thing you need to know is the hunt conditions. If you’re going to be hiking up mountains or walking for miles, you need to make sure you are physically prepared to do that. You also need to be in good enough shape to shoot once you get to the animal!

What can we look forward to in future seasons on TNT?

Well, for 2010 we got signed on as a Mossy Oak show.  So we are now part of the Mossy Oak team. We’ve got a lot of other wonderful sponsors, but Mossy Oak is a great one.  In 2010 you will continue to see us doing hunts with terminally ill children, through our charity, Cast of Dreams.  We are obviously going to continue to pursue the whitetail, but we’ll also be doing a lot of international stuff.  We’ve gotten such a great response with the unique international hunts.

So where did the name TNT Outdoor Explosion come from?

We started this whole show five years ago, just me and my wife Tia.  Tia and I were co-hosts for the first four years.  But after those four years we had two girls at home and we decided it was more important for Tia to stay home with the kids.  But originally TNT stood for Todd and Tia.

You mentioned that you have hosted hunts with terminally ill children, can you discuss Cast Of Dreams a little further?

We started Cast of Dreams about a year ago, because we began seeing severely handicapped children on hunts on other TV shows.  I thought there must be a lot more children like that, who would want to go on a dream hunt too.  So we researched and found a lot that wanted to, so we decided to take it upon ourselves to do it . We’ve now, in the last year, taken about a dozen kids out.  There’s been lots of support and help from everyone with this project and we definitely plan on doing more of this in the future.

What would you say is your favorite game to hunt?

It would have to be the Whitetail.  Just because I grew up hunting them, I got my first one at 8 years old.  There’s no telling how many I’ve taken at this point.  But it’s still my favorite because I know more about whitetail than any other animal.  You hunt them from a treestand,  a ground blind or stalking, using either a bow or gun and you can find them everywhere.  That being said, the opportunity to hunt game I have never chased before is also really exciting.

If you could provide any advice for young hunters out there, what would it be?

I’m an archer and long range instructor, so I always tell people that they need to get out and practice shooting.  It can be boring to go out and shoot all through the year, but I found I did a whole lot better when I took the time to practice on a regular basis.  So many people just get new scopes or put new sights on bows and head out to hunt.  When you start doing that you are rolling the dice too much.  Get out there and practice consistently.

Could you offer three quick tips for whitetail hunters this spring?

3 whitetail tips for spring:

  1. Get out and go shed hunting
  2. Continue to use your trailcam.  This time of year, with so little green stuff, they are going to be going to be hitting the major food sources a lot. Find slim picking food sources and find out what bucks are left.
  3. Make a journal of where you are finding those sheds, and where the deer are going this time of year.  You can use this to apply to next year. I document the trails, weather conditions and any other sign I find.  It can all be useful down the road.

To learn more about TNT Outdoor Explosion, check out their website here. TNT Outdoor Explosion.