When you see a White Knuckle Productions video, you will understand what the hype is all about. It is truly a different kind of hunting video…

These simple but very true words grace the back of the Ground Zero DVD from White Knuckle Productions. At this very moment I am watching Ground Zero for the second time and I can honestly say that the only reason I am watching it again is because it is truly a different kind of hunting video. I have already reviewed one of the WKP videos, Full Circle and I praised it up and down (check the review out here), so I won’t bother recanting the same things that are great about both videos.  Rather in this review, I am going to stick to the theme of being different. So let us explore the ways that Ground Zero is truly different from the other hunting videos and shows that you will see out there.

1. First thing you will notice right off the bat is that WKP videos show shed hunting! If you’re like me, shed hunting is a fun and important part of your season, so it’s great to see this included in a DVD. The only difference is that these guys find sheds , lots of them and lots of big ones at that! How many other hunting productions have you seen that dedicate a significant portion of air time to shed hunting? I think the answer is close to nill.

2.Velvet footage? Yea, they’ve got that. On Ground Zero you will see lots of great footage of bucks in velvet. One of the things I enjoy so much about this video is that it shows you the process these guys take of scouting a buck throughout an entire year. It starts in the spring with sheds, then in the summer they keep tabs on these bucks by getting velvet footage and trail cam pics and they then can target individual bucks that they know well during the season. Not only is this sound hunting strategy, but it also makes great TV. Who doesn’t like watching a monster buck munch on alfalfa in August?

3. Ground Zero shows a hunter hitting a deer in the antlers with his arrow! Yup, he shot and had a direct hit on the rack. So does this mean this video is full of shotty archers? Not at all, but what this does mean is that Ground Zero shows the realities of the hunt. Mistakes happen, deer duck arrows and people fart in the woods. It may not be glamorous, but its real and thats something I can certainly appreciate about the WKP videos. Just for the record, Steve (the antler shooter) actually missed the buck so badly because his lapel mic wire got caught in his bow string.

4. Baiting, outfitters and guns? You won’t find them here. Nope, the WKP team likes to do things the hard way or maybe it’s just the right way. How ever you want to look at it, these guys work hard for their deer and it shows in this video. All fair chase, do it your self hunts are featured and it is nice to see guys getting it done the way that most of us other guys try to.

5. Have you ever seen one of the “famous” hunters on tv ride across a dirty river in an inflatable raft (spoiler alert, you might see this in GZ!) just to reach that perfect stand location ? No you haven’t, instead you probably saw them drive a truck or electric kart up to a soy bean field, sit in a box blind for 20 minutes and then shoot a booner. Well that’s pretty unrealistic for most of us and it’s just the same for the guys on Ground Zero. To get to the areas where you can kill a mature buck, you have to get to those out of the way places where pressured bucks feel safe. It’s not easy, but its what most of us have to do and I’m glad to see it show up on this video.

6. Two men almost cry. Do you see that very often on TV? I don’t think so, but I like it! Lets be honest, even the most macho of us hunter’s still can relate to the incredible wave of emotion that hits you after taking a buck that you’ve worked for all year. I love seeing real passion and excitement for the hunt and it is undeniably present in Ground Zero and all of the White Knuckle Productions videos.

I am now the owner of all four White Knuckle Productions videos and I am a huge fan of each. These videos essentially represent what I want my deer hunting year to look like and they have managed to capture that and deliver it to the masses in a beautiful way. If you live for the journey of hunting deer all through the year, you might be getting exhausted with the typical deer hunting show you find on TV. So maybe it’s time for a change. In the words of WKP founder Todd Pringnitz, “Sometimes the best thing a bowhunter can do is to move on. It’s not easy leaving familiar territory and it’s difficult figuring out new areas. But all I know is what works for me… and sometimes it starts at ground zero.”

Here is the Ground Zero trailer, check it out here  and visit the White Knuckle Productions website to purchase a copy of your own!