Governor Granholm, the fearless (pronounced mindless) leader of the great state of Michigan has once again made me shake my head in disgust. Jenny has pronounced that May 20th shall be Michigan Meat Out Day and has partnered with radical animal rights/anti-hunting groups such as FARM and The Humane Society in backhanding the farmers, hunters and fishermen of our state. This proclamation supports the Meat Out movement sponsored by FARM, which suggests we “kick the meat habit” and transition toward a healthy, compassionate plant-based diet. What a bunch of crock. But I am happy to announce that not all in Michigan are so disrespectful to the most important food group in the pyramid! Michigan United Conservation Club/Michigan Out-of-Doors has now reclaimed March 20 as Michigan Meat Eaters Day! And I do declare it to be a great day of celebration! I plan on eating some delicious venison steaks, with maybe a side of bacon. Follow this link to read the official proclamation of Michigan Meat Eaters Day. To show your support I would also recommend you join the official Facebook group!

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Gov. Jennifer Granholm declared Saturday “Meatout Day,” and political lobbies representing animal farmers, hunters and fishers are having a cow.

The proclamation encourages Michigan residents to cut meat from their diets for the day. The nationwide Meatout campaign, which has been running since 1985, encourages people across America to eschew meat and animal-based products for a day “and explore a wholesome, compassionate diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.”

In reaction, the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, the hunting lobby group behind Michigan Out of Doors Magazine, has released its own proclamation: they declared March 20 – and all days thereafter – as “Michigan Meat Eaters Day,” starting a Facebook page for the effort. Since March 16 around 9:21 p.m., the group has amassed 406 fans.

Granholm’s endorsement of the Meatout campaign has also angered some farmers’ groups; the Michigan Farm Bureau called it “an insensitive slap in the face” to livestock farmers. The Senate, riled by the political outcry,voted 25-12 for a resolution urging Granholm to rescind her proclamation.