It’s the end of the line for college basketball teams, but just the beginning for baseball. And somewhere in between there lies the bowhunters, because ideally our practice should never end! But I know thats not realistic for many, as most people ( those that  aren’t as crazy as I) don’t like to practice shooting their bows in frigid, snowy weather! Luckily winter doesn’t last forever and the glory days of spring are now upon us. For those of us who are cold weather adverse, now is the perfect time to wipe the dust off your axe and start throwing some arrows.

Although I’ve been shooting all winter, the warm weather has gotten me outside even more. It’s hard to beat a sunny day, a cold beer, country music and the twang of my string after sinking an arrow through the bull. It’s really a great way to enjoy the weather, while also getting in valuable practice and conditioning.  Today I got another treat when I glanced out to my right before shooting  and saw brown. Across the dirt road, over in one of the soy bean fields I spotted a deer. I quickly dropped to my knees and scooted over to the edge of my garage. There I sat as I watched three nice healthy doe slowly feed across in front of me at about 40 yards. What a great way to end my night of shooting.

But back to my target practice. As I was practicing today, I caught myself dropping my bow on occasion after releasing and this seemed to be causing me to pull my shot just a little bit. After noticing this, I made a concerted effort to follow through with my shot and keep my bow on target until after the arrow hit. With a little extra attention to detail, I was able to improve my groups.

This is a great example of a strategy I like to take when practicing. I will try and focus on one element of my form to focus on and then work on that during my session. This helps keep my mind clear and focused on one specific task while shooting, letting my instincts take care of the rest. Hopefully after doing this many times, with different aspects of my shot being worked on, I will be able to pull everything together automatically when I’m shooting in a tournament or at a deer.

So now that spring has sprung, I’d encourage you all to grab your bows and enjoy the fresh spring air while peppering your favorite archery target with arrows. Try improving one aspect of your form every time you go out and most importantly have fun!