I am super excited to announce that I will be headed to hunt this fall with Oak Tree Outfitters in West Central Illinois! In the middle of the whitetail heaven that is “the Golden Triangle” of Illinois, Oak Tree Outfitters manages around 1,000 acres of hardwoods, corn, beans and pasture. I’ll be heading out there in November to catch the tail end of the rut and I can’t wait to lay my eyes on one of bruiser bucks from the Land of Lincoln. One of the things I appreciated the most when talking with head guide, Josh, was that he is trying to keep the property as unpressured as possible. Oak Tree Outfitters will only be accepting 9 hunters for the entire 2010 season. Three hunters per week for the three weeks between Oct 29 and Nov 17. Each hunter will have at least 4 stands to choose from, so you’ll have a great option no matter what the wind direction. It seems like it’s a great operation and I’m sure guides Josh and Frank will work hard to put me on some great deer.

When I head down there, I wont only be wielding my PSE Bow Madness, I will also be loaded down with my laptop and camera equipment. I plan to blog about and film my experiences with Oak Tree Outfitters to bring to life what hunting with an outfitter can be like. I’m really excited to be able to share my experiences with the Wired To Hunt Nation and I’m pretty confident that it should be a great time. In addition to heading down in the fall, I plan on visiting the farm some time in the summer to help with food plots and hanging stands. I’ll be sure to share all that with you too! I think it will be really neat to get a taste of the outfitting life and all the hard work that goes into intensely managing for mature whitetails. I can’t wait!

The biggest problem I’m going to face now is finding a way to pull myself away from the pictures of the deer they’ve seen down there. There are some monsters! I am literally going to be salivating in anticipation for 8 more months! Check out these pics of some of the slobs that have been tromping around the Oak Tree Outfitters property.

For more info about Oak Tree Outfitters visit their website. Oak Tree Outfitters of Illinois Website.