I just ran across an article from the Deer & Deer Hunting June 2010 issue that was sent to me in their newsletter. The article is entitled “Has the QDM Bubble Burst” and in it Charles Alsheimer questions whether QDM can maintain its momentum in this new age of deer hunting. I was immediately curious as to why in the world Charles would propose this. So here are the five reasons he thinks that the QDM might be nearing it’s demise.

  1. Unrealistic Goals
  2. Problems with Neighbors
  3. The Wrong Focus (big racks)
  4. Money Matters (it’s expensive)
  5. The Burnout Curve

Read the full article here.

Whats my opinion on the matter? No way jose, QDM is here to stay. It has been engrained in deer hunting culture way too firmly over the past decade. You can’t watch a TV show or read a hunting magazine without mentions of QDM and seeing monster bucks. I’d argue that we’ve become spoiled. Whether or not it is right to focus on them, hunters LOVE big racked bucks. We love them! We dream about them and many of us would do whatever it takes to see and shoot more of them. So although QDM can be a lot of work, can cost a lot of money and might be a pain in the butt; I still think the end justifies the means for most hardcore hunters. There have been way too many record book bucks taken in the last couple years for everyone to just pick up and leave the QDM philosophies behind. There are a lot of great reasons to practice QDM, but the biggest reason why it’s not going anywhere is because  we love big bucks and QDM is the best way out there to improve your chances of bagging one. It’s as simple as that.

I don’t think the Quality Deer Management Association has too much to be worried about, QDM is here to stay.

What do you think? Agree, disagree, can’t give a rip about QDM? Lets hear it!