Turkey season is staring me right in the eye and I can’t ignore it any longer. I woke up this morning to clear blue skies and a crisp bite in the air. I had a few extra minutes before I had to head to work, so like I’ve done the last week or so, I stepped out my back door and let out a couple crow calls. And bam! There it was. I got smacked right back in the face with a gobble, the first one I’ve heard this year. Just like that, my heart jumped a beat and my blood started speeding through my veins like a drag racer. I waited maybe thirty seconds and let out another “caw caw caw” and to my delight I was greeted with another deep rattle echoing towards me from the next property over. All winter I’ve been keeping an eye out for turkeys on my new farm, but unfortunately have not seen much on my piece of ground. I have spotted a few down the road, so I knew there could be some coming in and around my land, but I was still skeptical.

Things changed this morning though. As I heard that gobble ring across the fields, I knew I’d have a chance at measuring some spurs this spring. It’s been a couple hours since I heard that first gobble, but it’s still echoing in my head and my heart is still pumping with excitement. The fever has begun.

My turkey season starts exactly two weeks from today, but many across the States have already been able to get out and chase thunder chickens. So although Wired To Hunt is a deer hunting blog, I’ll certainly be featuring a few bits here and there about turkeys and my adventures chasing them this spring. We’ll always keep it relevant to a deer hunter though, there is a lot in common with turkey and deer hunting and there’s a lot you can learn by doing both. So we’ll try to cover a little of that too. So although I really hope you’re all out scouting for deer and setting up stands this spring, I won’t be too bothered if you drop a couple struttin toms too!

Speaking of struttin toms, Wired To Hunt contributor Matt White bagged a Kansas gobbler this weekend with his bow, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing about that soon!