Wired To Hunt is all about the next generation of deer hunters and I think it’s safe to say that we are a generation that shops online! That being said, I figured it would be helpful to share with you all a few of the best shops I have found online for our kind of gear! There are tons of sites out there that sell hunting clothing, cameras and arrows but a select few really stand out. Now on my list I’m not planning on including the big box stores like Cabelas, Bass Pro and Gander Mountain. Although they all have great online stores, most of us are already familiar with them and to be honest, they aren’t too unique. So here are four really cool online retailers that are devoted to providing us all with the best deer hunting gear available, while adding their own special touch to the shopping experience as well.


Bowhunting.com’s slogan is “serious gear for serious hunters” and I can’t argue with that. This site has just about every type of bowhunting accessory, tool and toy you can ask for. The prices are all reasonable and the quality of the site and shopping experience is top notch. But what really sets Bowhunting.com apart is the content that they provide on top of the store. The staff at Bowhunting.com are serious hunters and they provide awesome video, blog posts and forum updates all through the year. Not only is bowhunting.com one of my favorite shops, but its also one of the top blogs that I follow. So if you like a good dose of knowledge along with your new bow release, bowhunting.com is for you.


Camofire.com is incredibly unique and in my opinion really awesome. The claim to fame here is not huge inventory or wonderful videos full of deer hunting knowledge. Camofire.com really is all about really awesome deals! Every day Camofire features one product on their site and it is the only thing for sale. But it is always at a HUGE discount. These are some seriously good deals. I’m talking Sitka Gear that’s normally $300 is now something like $100. You can sign up to get updates every morning when a new product becomes available, so that you know when there is something you want. I’m signed up for the alerts and I’m just waiting for the perfect piece of Sitka Gear to come up for sale!

Whitetail Authority

I like Whitetail Authority so much because it is solely dedicated to whitetail hunters! That includes you and me! It’s a great looking site, with tons of great hunting products. Whitetail Authority is taking another exciting step by sponsoring exclusive “Gear Parties”. Essentially you would get paid or get substantial discounts for hosting a “Gear Party” to talk about new hunting gear w/your buddies. Seems like a pretty cool idea to me. I love innovation and it’s awesome to see different ideas coming out of the hunting industry. Currently there are over 8,000 products on the site, but by June there are supposed to be 30,000!

Gear Frenzy

Gear Frenzy takes another interesting approach to their online store. We all love to get recommendations about new products, so GF has provided us with just that. On Gear Frenzy, along with all the top hunting products, you will find great videos featuring many of the top hunting pro’s as they discuss the gear they use and why it’s worth trying. You’ll find lots of great recommendations and some helpful tips along the way too. You can even view a full list of a certain pro’s gear, so that you can learn all about what your favorite hunters use and how they put their gear to work. Hunters featured include Michael Waddell, Chris Brackett and Lee & Tiffany.

Got another favorite hunting gear shop that you like to visit online? Share it with us in the comments!